Spiritual Counseling...

for a healthier, more authentic you!

Isn't it time you get some accountability and assistance for the most important part of your life:  your spiritual well-being?

At Alive 'n Well, we believe in a wholistic approach to life so that we can be healthy in mind and body, but also in spirit.

Do your whole self a favor and sign up for your first session.

How does it spiritual counseling work?

  • After an introductory session (Zoom or phone), we take a look at what you want to achieve in your spiritual life.  

  • Then twice a month we have a 45-minute session (Zoom or phone) to look at:

    • Meditation and Mindfulness practices

    • Spiritual Reading and/or motivational resources

    • Journaling

    • If pertinent, your prayer life and/or spiritual expression in community worship

  • You and I will have text exchanges and email conversations so that--back and forth--we can help deepen your sense of the divine, enhance your spiritual relationship with creation, other people and yourself as well as increase the peace and gratitude that are already within you, gifts of grace meant to be used for good!