Image by Sonja Langford


I can hear the jokes already:  "It took me a while to commit to this program" or "I delayed doing this because I had other things to do."  

But it's no joke that too many people are sidetracked from living the life of their dreams only because they lack the motivation to "do now what needs to be done."  Yes, tomorrow will take care of itself, as the Master says, but when the bills are unpaid, cups in the sink become Petri dishes or, more alarmingly:  you're predictably late for online meetings or doctors' appointments, you need some coaching.

I'm here to help.  We'll begin with an honest assessment of what is draining your energy and thwarting your focus.  Then we'll detail out a personalized map that allows you to return to the life you know you deserve.

Don't delay now... seriously!