Wondering Mind- part 2

My last blog (Tuesday), referenced one of my favorite childhood storybooks about a boy with a magical crayon that allows him to create a world of his choosing.

Imagine if that were true. Seriously. With your mind, you could create a new life for yourself. What would it be like? Would you have better health, more money, closer friends, a safer world, no climate crisis, racial/gender respect and equality?

Now picture it's the following day. You awaken. You didn't sleep well (maybe it was the bed or something you ate). Okay, you slept well but the coffee is out. Okay, you have your coffee and you look at emails and there are too many. Okay, they are manageable but your computer is slow and taking forever to load a message from your bank. Okay, that's all fine but your neighbor's dog is loose on your lawn or it's raining and you had wanted to get in a powerwalk or the news just mentioned a politician whom you despise..... you get the idea, right?

This is not meant to be a bummer post. It's my attempt to circle back to your magical crayon. You have the power to create the world of your choice... internally! Of course, there are ways you can contribute to (make better or bitter) the universe that exists outside of you: you can be pleasant or impatient; you can be peace-seeking online or antagonistic.

But, as Sanja Gupta writes in a book I'm reading (Keep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at Any Age), referring to a traumatic time in his family's life when his father had been mugged and he himself felt as if the culprit had taken something from him... he spoke to a teacher about it who told him, "They can take away everything you own, but they can never take away this" (pointing to his head).

Who's controlling how you feel? Do you easily give away your peace to the person who bothers you? What life could you have right now if you drew it up in your mind without depending on outside circumstances or conditions?

I'm excited about a new challenge for anyone at ANY LEVEL of life. It's called April Powers. For thirty days--every day next month--I'm inviting you to join me in doing something small or significant. Here are some ideas: