Why [not] me?

In a podcast I heard yesterday, a professional sportsman told a familiar story: early success, lots of money, a big house, supportive wife and two kids. Then the story went to a place familiar only to some readers- he revealed that he had cancer. When the doctor informed him of this fact, his response was not "Why me?" but rather "Why not me?" As a life coach, I wonder how this person was able to be ready for this news, this new normal, this "sentence."

By naming our website and initiative "Alive 'n Well", we know that many people are quite the opposite: ailing and suffering...and we know there are those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired! This is precisely why we felt compelled to begin something so positive-sounding and health-promoting. We are also aware that there are people who are doing "okay" but could be consciously or unconsciously contributing to--or absorbing--the negativity that is rife during these strange times. We want to do our part and lessen the impact of this kind of negativity. Our website banner reads:

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