What's In Your Oven?

There’s something about summer that slows us down. Perhaps it’s the heat! or the longer days so you don’t feel rushed before dark? or maybe it’s the memories of yesteryear when summertime was playtime- you slept late, did a chore or two and then only checked in at home base to cram down a meal before more kick-the-can, baseball or tree climbing.

Ah, those halcyon days of adolescence. In my practice as a Life Coach, I hear people who crave the past as if living “there” could change their mood. And it might, but only for an instant.

How we live now is the way we’ll live tomorrow.

But here’s the secret: if you have a plan, line up possibilities, keep a calendar for ideas and dreams, you always have something to look forward to. I remember the first time I heard a pregnant woman refer to her bump as “a bun in the oven.” It sounded offensive or, at the least, disrespectful, until she continued, “My body is like a timer set for 4 1/2 more months.”

I’ll never know how it feels to be pregnant, but I can say that I’ve had that fertile feeling of creativity and expectation. Whether it’s buying a paint set and knowing it’s for a rainy day or the eagerness of watching a movie whose trailer I’ve been seeing for months, there’s something about holding the promise now of a future possession.

Think about it: When you have tickets in your hand for a concert or sports event, they’re merely pieces of cellulose wood pulp we call paper, but they give us access to tremendous joy. A small metallic key is not the car but it literally opens the door to our “wheels.” A ring in a felt box means nothing without the love and commitment signified by the giver’s smile and bended knee. You get the idea.

Knowing what we have and holding the promise of possibility is to have a “bun in the oven.” There’s something to look forward to, grow into, or become identified with. So whether you have vaccinated vacation plans this summer or not, schedule something now for August or October.

  • It doesn’t have to be expensive.

  • Get it on your calendar.

  • Put it under that magnet on your fridge.

What you imagine in your mind becomes real only when you set it in motion. You might have every thought about baking a cake, but unless you get Pillsbury™ from Publix, the idea is merely quaint and utterly unfulfilled.

If you're not good to yourself, what or whom are you waiting for?


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