What, a pain?

It was the summer after I graduated from 6th grade. Going to "middle school" felt so mature. I remember having a conversation with a cute girl down the street who was in my class. She was taller than I and more adult-sounding, so I looked up to her in both ways. I can't remember what we spoke about but it had tones of "Now that we're grown up..." or "Since we won't have recess anymore"... you know, that kind of pre-teen sophistication.

As an introvert, going to a new school and befriending new classmates was scary. It's just one of the many rites of passage that all of us had to go through, probably with various levels of eagerness, enjoyment, enthusiasm or--like me--trepidation!

But oh! to be able to exchange the growing pains of our childhood and teen years for the burdens of adulthood with bills, insurance, doctors, divorce, death of friends... the list goes on.

And then there are wisdom figures, spiritual leaders, even accidental conversations that give us a change of heart, a mind modification. For example, the singer, Jewel, writes in Never Broken:

“You can’t outrun your pain. You are strong enough to face whatever is in front of you. Medicating your pain will only bring more pain. The only genuine shortcut life offers is facing your feelings. They won’t kill you. Feelings are your soul’s way of communicating. Pain is trying to teach you something, and if you don’t listen now, it will speak louder and louder until it is heard."