Waiting and Wading

As a new (7-year) transplant to Florida, there is still so much to learn about the Sunshine State. Although we are made fun of all too often (sometimes deservingly), the rich history, diverse cultures, natural beauty and excellent weather are some of the reasons why 1,000 people move here every day.

My wife introduced me to the amazing natural photography of long-time Floridian Clyde Butcher. Recently, he wrote about adjusting to disability after a stroke as well as the challenges of living the life of quarantine. Clyde is making the most of this time and finds life and nature to be good. He writes:

"We recently spent a week exploring Highlands Hammock, the oldest State Park in Florida. The peace, quiet and sounds of birds singing to each other has relaxed us, as nature always does.

I waited an hour and a half for clouds to cover the sun in order to get even light for the photograph I was taking. The act of waiting was a form of meditation…watching the ripples running through the reflection of the trees in the water, the sounds of birds, the small breeze that make the trees dance…all of it was just what we needed…what we all need." [For more information, go to https://clydebutcher.com.]