It's been five months since the first United States fatality due to COVID-19. No matter where you are on the spectrum of opinions regarding policy, protection and prevention, few can argue that the pandemic has changed our lives and ended many others.

On our daily walk around the neighborhood, we've noticed that a woman has a sign in her yard which she changes every now and then. One day it read: "Do What Is Yours To Do." I find that to be maddeningly simple and yet eminently practical.

This pandemic is one of the reasons why Alice and I have begun this initiative, and a major reason why we named it "Alive 'n Well". What is ours to do is to provide an increasingly wide variety of possibilities for you and (with your help) the people you love. Besides our zoominars, meditation aids, life coaching and daily quotes, we'll be launching a new section of this website entitled "The Well". See the screenshot below.

So what is yours to do? Isn't it such a simple yet complicated question? It's simple because we all can do something: be kind(er), less reactive, more proactive, have a deeper awareness of our connection to the world, etc. But it's also complicated because we can become beset by doubt about our own perceived puny effort or scattered energy. But may I suggest that it's not only the consequence of our good actions but rather what the actions do to us internally. We begin unfolding doggy-eared pages that we promised we'd return to years ago. Remember?