Towards 2022...

I'm researching for a Zoom webinar I'll be giving early February- about ensuring there is meaning in our lives by consciously making intentions. Perhaps it's this time of year, but I find it both exciting and challenging to be thinking of what expectations, values and priorities I'll be defining for 2022.

Alice and I have made several VISION BOARDS through the years- sometimes they literally contain a picture or image that inspires and motivates us. Mostly, however, they are well-thought-out words or phrases that capture our INTENTION for the year ahead.

I find the process of examining expectations, values and priorities to be very energizing.

Maybe you don't and that's fine. As my friend Charlie says: "Whatever works for you."

And that's the question: Is what you're doing working for you- is it allowing you to live the life that you need and desire and deserve?

It can be frightful to think about naming what you want. And yet, think of it as a loving inner voice inviting you to be proactive... rather than compelled by outside circumstances that force you to react- at times against your will.

Mary Anne Radmacher writes, “Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is a quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.'”

So, keep going; keep trying again. There is no failure when there's still blood in your body and life in your lungs. No matter if you are wanting what you wanted last month or last year, this is the time to redefine your pathway to ________________ [fill in the blank].

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