Too many, too few

This past week, my wife's aunt died. Besides being an amazing woman, she was also the last of Alice's uncles and aunts to pass away- at 99 1/2 years of age!

My mom died when she was only 70. I was 31 at at the time and--even then--it seemed too young.

Part of what I know is that there are people who are alive-- meaning they breath, eat, mow the lawn, watch tv and yet they are not well. Perhaps there is something in their past, in their craw, in their heart that goes on poisoning them. Or there is a sickness in their body that feels as if it chokes them if they get "too far."


Then there are those who are well-- physically fit, active gym-goers or daily exercisers or at least they take vitamins and supplements and avoid red meat or embrace paleo or keto diets... but they are not alive. They move through life at times on autopilot and seem to be overly sensitive or insensitive... it doesn't matter. Truth is, they just are not awake.

That's precisely why my wife and I have been working on this initiative. We want to share with whoever cares to listen what we know that works: a life of balance, joy, peace and gratitude never fails to keep amaze us.

For this, we are forever thankful for the examples of our parents and wonderful aunts such as +Lola and my last living aunt, Zia Madelba!