Time and Tempo

"It is easy to be bleak about the human race, but there are people who have proved to me that we can be better than we are," writes Dr. Peniel Joseph. After the events of last week, Alice and I continue to look for and draw inspiration from people who remind us of our best and highest. Proofs of human goodness are everywhere and always outnumber instances of cruelty and hatred.

How is it possible we are 12 days into the new year? How relative time is. I've heard parents of young children say that sometimes one minute lasts an hour and a year is like a day. The author of a memoir I recently finished agrees:

"'The days are long but the years are short,' some say about the early years of child rearing.  I remember some days being almost gelid in their slowness when Solo was a baby.  I had never experienced time so consciously. Collapsed on the bed with him in strong afternoon sunshine, holding him up to the light and watching the light inside of him, listening to his birdsong.  Time moved as though through honey."
-Elizabeth Alexander, The Light of the World: A Memoir

The year is still so young with all sorts of possibilities. It's almost like a blank slate. We have the ability to re-start (or course correct) at any time, any day or even this hour.

And there's something very rich and perfect about a January RESET. And there is no time like the present to do this.

How about some possibilities? Click on this link and download "21 Ideas for 2021".

Reading this, understand that YOU set the tempo for your life. Why? Because you probably know better than anyone when things are right with you, as well as when something is amiss. Don't let anyone rush you, but be careful not to allow inertia to sabotage your energy output.

As always, if you ever want an accountability partner or life coach, you know who to call! 😁