Think of Laura

Although I am a huge fan of songwriter and singer, Christopher Cross (ever since the late 70s), this blog title references the recent Hurricane Laura, not his song. As I write this, the category 4 storm has just hit the western Louisiana coast. Damage assessment and reports will be coming in. Our hope is that most people heeded the warnings and evacuated or made precautions.

Living in Florida, we see signs for hurricane preparedness all the time, especially just before the "season" begins in June. Companies that sell and install windows tout hurricane-proof rating strength; tree companies will trim "widow-makers" for a fee. One mayor says that she consistently warns her people to be ready in an hour to leave home- bags packed with important documents, water, medicine and food for Fido.

When I was young, the code words issued by mom or dad that "company was coming" meant to get the home ready: empty the overflowing kitchen trash bin, clean the bathroom, vacuum the foyer and gussy up a bit. Years later I wonder why it took visitors to force us to make the house nicer😜.

The body and psyche cannot live in a "what if" mode all the time- the stress would eventually take its toll and possibly lead to worse problems later on. And yet, there's something about the 20/20 vision of hindsight that seems to get lost on us. I wonder if we sometimes redact yesterday's memories in order to avoid making the changes necessary for quality living today.

What might you be postponing that, although difficult to do now, would bring you more joy once its taken care of? If you need help setting goals and the strategies to meet these goals, drop me an email ( or read more at Life Coaching.