The Way We View Reality

It's now been more than a year since the pandemic hit Florida with officials urging us to "lockdown/stay-at-home/shelter-in-place", as well as follow the guidelines of masking, distancing and washing.

And this June it will be a year since Alice and I launched this initiative to assist people in terms of health and wellness to be "Alive and Well." We've learned so much from feedback after our zoominars, through interaction with our posts and as a result of other contact points.

We are grateful for many things but perhaps one in particular rises to the top - and that is the ability to maintain our deep hope and fundamental belief in goodness, beauty and wholeness.

  • Goodness: how people give and love and help and inspire one another;

  • Beauty: how nature, the earth and sky provide ceaseless awe and wonder; and

  • Wholeness: that we are not merely feverish fragments but part of an indivisible unity behind all that is.

Is this too heavy for you? If so, perhaps this woman's words will explain how we feel:

Often, the person in the group who articulates the possible is dismissed as a dreamer or as a Pollyanna persisting in a simplistic “glass half-full” kind of optimism. The naysayers pride themselves on their supposed realism. However, it is actually the people who see the glass as “half-empty” who are the ones wedded to a fiction, for “emptiness” and “lack”  are abstractions of the mind, whereas “half-full” is a measure of the physical reality under discussion. The so-called optimist, then, is the only one attending to real things, the only one describing a substance that is actually in the glass.
            from Rosamund Stone Zander, The Art of Possibility (p. 110)

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