The Vision Ahead

There's a story told about a very peaceful person who let nothing disturb her. One night, a fire burned away the thatched roof of her humble home. One of the neighbors who helped put out the fire overheard her say to her husband: "Look, now we can see the moon."

Okay, that might be a little too much for most of us, but one of the lessons is to see what's here instead of what's not. It's similar to advice given to me by a professor in college. He said that average students are always prepared to recite what is wrong with studies, culture, the nation and life... but the excellent student offers constructive possibilities given what is viewed as wrong.

By the time you read this, Alice and I will have had our second vaccination. It's our small part in reclaiming the "normal life"- for us, indeed, and for others. And as this amazing world comes back alive, opens up again, we can re-imagine. You have a choice to balk at all that we missed and complain about life interrupted... but the excellent student of life knows that she or he can look beyond what has been to what will be. In a way, it's like a blank slate.

What are you going to create with this new era of your life? Will you go back to the same ways that you didn't care for anyway. Or will you be bold enough to step into a new narrative that says and involves only the best about you: that you care, you love, you matter.

As I write these last words, I think of a recent suicide in our family. If you'd like, listen to my comments about this on my podcast called "No Opinion" at