The Tunnel's End

Yesterday I heard that the CDC warned of a possible "4th Wave" due to a 10% surge in coronavirus cases over the previous week. Gosh, I hope not. With scenes of spring breakers reveling in Miami Beach and some states actually boasting of being "open for business", it's disappointing. We have worked so hard and endured so many losses: the death of loved ones; graduations, weddings and birthdays; hugs and handshakes, restaurants and theaters.

Still, the good news is that nearly 70% of people over 65 are fully vaccinated. For our part, Alice and I were able to secure our first "jab" two weeks ago.

And, as a recent article in America magazine puts it, there are some positive aspects to the pandemic: breaking the code to a novel coronavirus (the previous record for producing a vaccine was 4 years); learning new digital technology (my family zoomed my Aunt on Saturday for her 93rd birthday); and a renewed appreciation for our social dynamics (none of us is an island).

Perhaps you, too, can quietly be grateful for something that these past 12+ months have taught you about yourself, your resolve and strength, your ability to "keep on going" and knowing that you are doing what is yours to do.

Speaking of strength, if you haven't already, don't forget to check out the free "April Powers" Challenge: you commit to thirty days next month of doing one thing daily; on my part, I will send you an encouraging and motivational email each day. See more info here.