The Holiday Hustle





This time of year does not need to be hectic.

As a matter of fact, Alice and I decided a number of years ago to GO to the malls precisely at the busiest time of year: the days before Christmas. We had already done most of our shopping. You see, it was a conscious decision to love the crowds, enjoy the masses, be patient with long lines and that crazy parking lot test of tolerance.

And it worked! Going with that attitude helped us to enjoy the brightness of the season, admiring tiny little tots, the (mostly) smiling people, delightful holiday music, decorations and shopping bags galore!

Despite the fears of cargo ships delayed or trucking companies understaffed, it's not too late to BE the gift that most everyone wants- even if they don't know it's what they want for you and for themselves: to be more peaceful, loving and kind hearted.

Everyone can learn to love more... and for sure, that's what the world needs now.