Thanksgiving- the Day After

I'm writing this before Thanksgiving. It scheduled to "drop" Friday. Perhaps some of you will need to drop as well- after shopping, prepping, cleaning, baking, waking up early to start the oven, cooking, entertaining, texting and calling, playing touch football, washing lots of dishes and then dessert and after-dinner drinks and stories!

Our hope is that you all stayed safe. Maybe some of you--such as our Francis family--scheduled a Zoom meeting to see everybody's faces. The gift of technology never ceases to amaze!

Black Friday is mainly online. I don't know how it got that name, but my opinion is that it gave Thanksgiving a black eye. I remember relatives that quite literally left the dinner table to stand and wait in line for "door-busting" sales.

What I know to be true is that thanksgiving doesn't stop after the turkey (or lasagna in our house) is eaten. We awake grateful for many things too numerous to name here. We don't quit our attitude of gratitude even in the face of bad or sad news, for our giving thanks is independent of outside circumstances. When we know this and live out of this, everything changes!

Alice and I are grateful for you who read our blogs, attend our zoominars and support us with your donations and affirmations. If you didn't watch our video yesterday, here it is: