Thank God It's Friday

When I was in middle school, on the cusp of a holiday or perhaps just because it was Friday,

as the clock's minute hand inched its way to 3:00 PM, some brave soul would start chanting “No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks; when the teacher rings the bell, drop your books and run like hell." [Quick apologies to several teachers who read this blog.]

The same is true in the work world- you see (or remember in pre-COVID times) images of the industrial complex's whistle at full 5:00 throttle, employees time-carding out, the snarl of rush hour traffic, the promise to stop at the bar for a brewsky... it's Friday!

Funny, I was going to caption this blog:

That Sunday Nite Feeling

Sunday is, obviously, the opposite and tail end of the weekend, but it's also the "last gasp" before the mundane of the workweek. But if you want to shed that unsettling feeling on a Sunday evening that the weekend has gone by too swiftly, there is something you can do: pause as often as you can, look around, appreciate what you have, who you have it with (if you do), your relative health with which to enjoy it and be grateful.

Youth is not wasted on the young as long as we can enjoy the time we have as we can. I'll let the words of another end today's blog. I believe if you read it slowly, you can hear and feel the grace of time that we are given. It's Friday!

The way we experience time in our minds is never going to match up with the latest discoveries in physics. We all know what the passing of time feels like. Although we can’t change the way our brains perceive time, there are better ways we can start to think about it. But even then, the way it warps in certain situations will continue to surprise and unsettle us. In the end, perhaps, St Augustine put it best when he asked: “What then is time? If no one asks me, then I know. If I wish to explain it to someone who asks, I know it not.”

Claudia Hammond,Time Warped: Unlocking The Secrets Of Time Perception.