T1 2 K1

Were you able to decipher the subject of this blog- "T1 2 K1"? In the cyberworld of texting and a new digital shorthand, the lexicon for abbreviations and acronyms is ever-expanding. Most people have used OK as "okay" long before cell phones and iPads, but now LOL ("laughing out loud"), TY ("thank you") and IMHO ("in my humble opinion") are the "See Spot Run" of internet linguistics.

Takes One To Know One (T1 2 K1) is the subject heading. I learned it, in long-form, from a gentle and self-effacing friend several decades ago. If I complimented him on something, he would respond, "Hey, it takes one to know one!"

There’s a parable that goes something like this: One day as the Buddha was sitting under a tree, a slender young soldier walked by, looked at the Buddha's large belly, and remarked: “You look like a pig!” The Buddha looked up calmly at the soldier and replied: “You look like God.” Taken aback by the comment, the soldier asked the Buddha: “Why do you say that I look like God?” The Buddha answered: “We don’t really see what’s outside of ourselves; we see what’s inside of us and project it out. As I sit here I think about God so that when I look out, that’s what I see. And you... you must be thinking about other things.”

I learned years ago that generally "how you see is what you see." That’s why five people can witness the same event, seemingly observe the same thing, and yet have five very different versions of what happened.

This is much more than just seeing the glass half empty or half full. It's summoning within the very best of who we are and envisioning that outside of ourselves.

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