Signs of Spring

On one route we take for our daily exercise, my bride and I pass a driveway with a rack of various flowers and potted blossoms accompanied by a sign that says "Take a plant; leaf a plant." The punster in me loves this play on words, but I also like the sharing it invites. Take and Leaf. All of us.

On another route, we see a yard filled with plants and a similar message: "Sow blooming happy!" Yes, it says: you reap what you plant, "sow" why not disseminate good seeds of joy, gratitude and peace?

And then yesterday a FedEx driver passed us, quickly jammed on his brakes, got out, grabbed a turtle he almost ran over and placed it on the grass. Special delivery indeed!

For Christians and all, let this Good Friday be so precisely because of the sign(s) that your life is broadcasting.