Search and Replace 🖱

Unlike my three brothers who are self-taught carpenters since their teens, I'm new to home improvements (after having spent 20 years in church rectories). I'm okay with basic electrical and plumbing, but forget about spackling a hole in the wall- just ask Alice. A few months ago, we decided that rather than trying to spackle a hole, we'd cover it up. So we found and purchased a sign (see below) that says "Thankful. Grateful. Blessed."

For many, Thanksgiving is a top favorite holiday. What's not to love about the mirthful mingling of family, friends, food, football and traditions? No wonder some folks look forward to it all year and has become unofficially the start of the Christmas season- trees and decorations get put up and a fire made even if it's 70 degrees outside!

And yet, it's different this year.

The pandemic has been brutal on everyone and now it’s disrupting our Thanksgiving. But someone online recently shared that each of her Zoom recovery meetings starts with a passage called “Just for Today.” Here's a snippet:

Just for today, my thoughts will be on those who love me Just for today, my thoughts are on my blessings Just for today, my thoughts are on one thing I’m grateful for

Isn't it true that an attitude of appreciation does wonders for replacing what's wrong with what's right....that looking on the bright side is not just a nice idea but rather an energizing intention?

There are cracks and holes and imperfections galore in our lives, country and world right now. Actually, they've always been there. What's happened is that they are more noticeable (and perhaps more aggravating) during these havoc-wreaking times.

Maybe signs only cover holes in the wall, but they point to something else: we have tremendous power in the decision to see things differently through a more positive lens. For that, this Thanksgiving and always, let us be "thankful and grateful" for we are surely "blessed!"