Rituals for Life

On Sunday, Christians began the 50 day celebration of Easter. Ramadan (for Muslims) continues until May 2nd and Passover (for Jews) began last Friday. A week ago, Hindus observed Ram Navami. All combined, that's 70% of earthlings solemnizing some feast or high holiday.

A Paschal candle, seder meal, lanterns and om flags... What is central to all these religions is the place of symbols and rituals within their spiritual practices during these hallowed days of celebration.

Whether you are a believer or not; music cantor, money counter or major critic; observant or stay-at-homer... I am willing to bet that you have certain rituals in your day or week. Even if that means pouring a glass of red wine after a long workday; turning on music as you practice tai chi; lighting incense while you meditate; reading to your (grand)child in person or through Zoom; or picking a flower from the garden for fresh beauty for your home.

These intentional routines, habits or RITUALS allow you to be an AGENT towards life, rather than a passive passenger.

Whatever you are celebrating now or soon, may it help you remember the best that is in us all!

FYI: This will be my final Two Fries blog post for a while. Because I'm taking on a job with the Hillsborough County, I'm going to have less time for coaching and writing, but I'd love to drop a post every now and then. Thanks for reading; keep an eye out for my forthcoming book, "Higher Education".