There are three things that cannot be taken from you:

a) the true friendships you've cultivated;

b) the memories you have made (even in some cases of deep dementia/Alzheimer's);

c) the hard work you've done on yourself through the years.

Similarly, there are four things you cannot buy:


You can purchase lessons, attend seminars or even hire an instructor, but no one can do mindfulness for you. You must observe and learn to detach by yourself. Like meditation, no one can sit for you. All the money in the world cannot buy the important and amazing work that awaits when you stop, listen, accept and let go.


While there are machines that can facilitate bodily movement and cardio health, you yourself must do the walking, yoga, pilates, running, swimming, treadmilling or biking. There are few shortcuts to improved health through exercise.


Yes, so-called "fat farms" still exist and you can pay tens of thousands of dollars to have your food prepared (and guarded) for 6-8 weeks, but once you return home the fridge or cookie jar has no key. The sometimes hard work of diet discipline is a priceless gift to your body.


Akin to mindfulness above, lengthy lessons or mere desire are good but not enough. Peace cannot be purchased, only practiced. [Having said that, you can buy the book "Peace is Every Step" by the late Thich Nhat Hanh and find out for yourself.]