Perspectuality on this Eve

perspectuality: noun

1: the ability to see reality from a wide vantage 2: a word coined by a sophomore

The phrase "How you see is what you see" has the potential to aid us as a lens cleaner, a window wiper. If your vision is muddied by madness or meanness, murky will be what you see, you see?

On the other hand, when you look out from a place of peace and positivity, your vision is clear even if what you see isn't agreeable, don't you agree?

How so? Because mostly, our world gets unconsciously colored by the hues that match our mood.

Here's the good news: you can change this!

You can, incrementally, begin to re-frame your life with a larger inclusivity: accepting that so-called "bad" things happen and good things, too; we feel pain and pleasure; at times we hunger and then are sated; people die and babies are born. This is perspectuality.

We are built out of very small stuff, and we are embedded in a very large cosmos, and the fact is that we are not very good at understanding reality at either of those scales.                                                                                                                                      
                                             - David Eagleman

So on this New Year's Eve, may you see farther and deeper and know that we are held/embedded in an amazing Story.

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