Pandemic Possibilities Part 1

Using the Pandemic as Training for Mindfulness

Omicron. We are (re)learning Greek during this pandemic, aren't we?!

But this is no joke- even at this early stage in determining transmissibility and intensity of infection. Going on two years since the novel virus was discovered in Wuhan, the pandemic has wreaked havoc on our uncertainty, anxiety, loneliness, unhappiness, procrastination and even feelings of dread.

Alive 'n Well as a title and a company name has never meant to offer anything but sincere compassion for everyone who is suffering right now. However, Alice and I began this project precisely because we strongly believe that this is an opportunity for us all, to use this difficult climate to shift something in ourselves. The pandemic can be our mindfulness training ground, if we seize the opening that a "disturbance in the force" has caused. An attitude of mindfulness provides these possibilities:

  • Focus on what I'm doing at the moment instead what is not happening or should be happening

  • Find joy in the ordinary and humdrum

  • Embody self-compassion, especially when experiencing unwelcomed emotions

  • Reach out to others experiencing the same or similar emotions

  • Breath into the chaos

The pandemic might be one of the greatest teachers in our lifetime. As the title of my book suggests, "Class is Always In Session."