One person's trash...

I subscribe to Instructables, an open-source website that features projects made from scratch or with ordinary objects lying around. It never fails to amaze me how creative and productive people can be when they see something differently than the rest of us.

My uncle Bob was such a one. Ever resourceful, he could fix motors and machines. On weekends, he descended upon yard sales to haggle and buy "broken" things only to repair and sell them for a handsome profit.

Alice and I also marvel at how imaginative designers get on home improvement shows. One of our favorite TV couples is Ben and Erin Napier from Home Town. It's not uncommon for them to reclaim wood pulled from a demolished wall and convert it into a window box garden or porch swing. Here's a picture of us, Ben and his camera crew when we visited their "home town" of Laurel, MS two years ago:

Back to Instructables... one of their bylines is "A Happy Place" and reads:

Making things makes people happy. We can't prove it, but we know it to be true. Find your happy place...

Where's your happy place? I don't mean an address or location... rather, what do you do or love that promotes your inner joy? May I suggest that if it's not coming from within, it probably won't last long. Perhaps some of the trash of these trying times might inspire you to consider a hidden treasure that was there all along.