Nest Eggs

It happens every year- sometimes more than once- but somehow we are surprised, always delighted and deeply honored to host a bird's nest in our yard. While we do our best to replenish the bird feeders and baths with food and water, it shouldn't surprise us... but we get as giddy as grandparents while keeping a respectful distance.

So a couple of days, when Alice was weeding under the thryallis bush, she spotted this cardinal's nest:

Despite the massive storm (winds and 3" of rain) we had recently, we found the female on her nest the following day dutifully keeping those eggs warm and dry. We can hear the male at times in the oak above her and once we think we saw him feeding her.

That's it... no major coaching instructive or life advice or behavior suggestion in today's blog. The takeaway is clear: guard your nest eggs (health, companionship, spirituality, etc.) and allow life to reward you for your tenacity, loyalty, care and love.

Isn't that, er, egg-cellent!