Moon Shine

The other evening, as my bride and I were taking our usual evening stroll, the moon was out in full splendor. Following last month's Wolf Moon, in February it's called the Snow Moon because on average this is the snowiest month of the year, according to data from the National Weather Service.

Other names for February’s moon include the Hunger Moon ( because hunting was often difficult due to snowy conditions and many faced food scarcity) or the Bone Moon (referring to people eating bone marrow soup again due to lack of food).

I remember how shocked and in awe I was in school when we were taught that the moon's light was a reflection of the sun. How amazing. To see moon shadows caused by earth's waxing/waning satellite which are merely reflections from another orb 93 million miles away!

Makes me wonder what I reflect? What light bounces off of me that originated from my parents and teachers many who've inspired me along the way?

Or why, in my selfish gibbous stage, do I keep that glow (which is not mine by origin) from highlighting someone else?

Wherever you are, peak outside tonight and think about the many marvelous mindful moments that moon-gazing can do for your navel and beyond.