Look Both Ways

You know the drill. Well, when you were young, someone taught you the drill.

A parent or older sibling, perhaps a teacher. At some point, you were walking along a sidewalk and--about to cross the street--someone older and more experienced than you said, "Look both ways before you cross. Always look both ways."

Thomas Aquinas, church theologian and apologist, always studied, learned and articulated well the positions of those with whom he disagreed.

We could use a dose of Thomistic tact these days. Whenever another party is in "power"... whenever someone else is making the rules, it's so easy to look only one way.

Perhaps as you read through the above list, you might have had a reaction or uttered a sigh. You might even feel disgust, anger, frustration or disappointment.

You're not alone.

It's important to know that many of us feel strongly about a lot of these issues. Don't worry- I will not comment on them at all. This blog (and our website) has a higher goal of opening minds, enlarging hearts, enlightening the soul and, sometimes, nudging us all gently forward.

Nor will Alice and I ever knowingly try to disrespect you by offering pat answers or facile solutions. In most cases, these don't exist. If you've ever been offered one, you know they might feel good, but they miss the deeper reality and oversimplify in order to brush away. So in the meantime, what to do?

👀 Look both ways 👀

1. Check your biases

We all have them. That's okay. But to be blinded by them