Look Ahead

Have you ever experienced the frustration associated with installing a computer or smartphone update which touts improvements and "fixes", only to find out it's maddeningly difficult to get accustomed to and navigate? Apple and Microsoft often want us to upgrade the software versions of our hardware.

All this leads me to ask, What version of your life are you on? Come on- you can't still be living out of the version you were when you were a child or teenager or even young adult? For sure there are tones and hues from those days, but you have radically changed.

So...what "fixes" have chiseled you to be the person you are now? What are you still working on? Carl Jung once wrote, "You are what you do, not what you tell me you do."

Are you living your best life now? Is your operating system set on the highest volume of Integrity and Passion?

Cheryl Richardson, life coach and best-selling author, says that your mission is not where you currently are, but where you want to be. Whenever I watch basketball or soccer I'm impressed when a player simultaneously does three things while on the move: controls the ball, evades a defender and--because he snatches glimpses of the playing field in front of him--knows which teammate he'll eventually pass to. His eye is on a goal, but the next smartest move might be to give it to someone else. To be a good player you have to have a wide view, determination and patience.

What are your goals? What have you been kicking around these past few years? What would be your next move and why? As we say adieu to 2020, take a moment and ask these questions. Remember: if you don't act on life (choose what YOU want to do), then life will certainly act on you.

Isn't it true? How often do we let someone else's mood or another driver's carelessness change us? Why do we give away our peace so easily? And what can we do to maintain peace in the face of circumstances that challenge it?

The first step is to recognize the fact that we're dealing on the level of thought. And then to realize: I can choose to think differently despite how I feel. Once you recognize this freedom, you can write the script of how your day will go.

Years ago, perhaps on a gloomy day, Robert Frost penned these words:

The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree
Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued. 

Imagine if the pandemic and craziness of this year changes us, awakens us to be the best version of ourselves?

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