Letting Go

What many leaves "decide" to do each Fall is a mini-lesson for us. Wise teachers say that what you cling to can block you. Some examples:

- I am right, the other person is incorrect

- That person is living their life in the wrong way, they should change

- My preference is the best way; others are mistaken

- This is the thing I want and nothing else will fulfill me

- I shouldn’t be alone, shouldn’t be overweight, shouldn’t be however I am, should be having some other life

See the trend? We are attached to what we want and what we don’t want.

It leads to stress. Unhappiness. Anger. Righteousness. Being judgmental. Distancing ourselves from others. Closed-offedness.

No wonder it's difficult if not impossible to see the beauty of this moment, as it is, full of openness and possibilities.

Here is a simple practice for Letting Go from Leo Babauta:

1. Start by realizing that you’re hardened. Notice that you are stressed, upset at someone, feeling like you’re right, complaining about someone or a situation, not open to other viewpoints, putting something off, avoiding, tensed. These are good signs that you are holding on, hardened in your viewpoint, fixed, attached, clinging. Get good at noticing this.

2. Notice the tension in your body. It’s a tightening that happens from your stomach muscles, through your chest, into your throat, up to your forehead. Think of this as your central column, and it tightens up when you think you’re right, or someone else is wrong, or you really want something or don’t want something.