Keep your distance- but only physically

Something seemed amiss.

We quickly understood what was meant by

the directive "social distancing."

We know it's to help slow the infection and flatten the curve.

But please do not take it literally.

It never meant to keep us away socially, only bodily.

Few things can be more important at times like these

than reaching out by phone, text, email or Zoom.

As neighbors, it's ironic that to show how much we care is to

dodge one another on the sidewalk-

but only physically, never personally.

A "Hello" or "How are you?" and "Stay healthy"

will keep us close and in this together, no matter the skin tone.

Something we miss- hugs and handshakes, kisses and caresses-

can, for now, be replaced by more social closeness,

even if it's 6 feet away.