Keep Learning

It is said that the one who only has him or herself as a teacher has a fool for a student. Similarly, it is a fact that most people who attended the best schools continue to study and seek out mentors.

If you learn from TV and talk shows, good for you. If, however, these media only serve as an echo chamber, be careful.

I loved vacationing with my friend, Bob. He would stop to read every plaque, post, sign and memorial on a tour or in a museum. While his wife poked fun at him, his hunger for knowledge was inspiring.

In the past couple of years, I've had the privilege of helping two men write their memoirs. What amazed me is their ability to view nearly every significant event in their public, professional or private sphere as having been a constitutive part of their life's curriculum. It's no coincidence that both are voracious readers. I've learned a lot from these gentlemen.

There are so many wise women and men "out there"... who have gone through experiences you have--good as well as difficult--and learned from them; others have encountered situations you'll likely encounter one day. Let these be your gurus. Listen to them. Cultivate the wisdom that will help not only you but the people who learn from you.

One thing I love asking friends old and new is: What are you reading right now that is stirring you up? If you're looking for some inspiration, go to Recommended Reading.