In our neighborhood we have a lot of different lawn care providers. However, one in particular always catches my attention. The name of their company has a way of taking me back to my early childhood here in Tampa. Until I was in high school, our “air conditioner” consisted of open windows and a stand fan with no oscillation. It was comfortable most of the time, but I was much younger then. Neighbors across the way had chickens and so we had our very own natural alarm clock. Another neighbor had large camphor trees- one of my all time favorite places to hang out. Not only did I love climbing the trees but their shade felt delightful. My aunt lived two blocks away. She always greeted me with an ice cold bottle of Coke. You remember those little bottles perfect for tiny hands. My grandparents' neighbors had a wood swing hung high on an oak tree. The wind on my face on a hot July day was refreshing. I could have spent hours on that swing.

Now back to that lawn care provider's name: Summer Breeze and written under the name are the lyrics 🎵“makes me feel fine.”🎶 Oh yes it does!