Integrate, don't aggravate

Watching the hearings for the Supreme Court justice candidates in the past few years, it's hard not to think that so much of DC has become polarized. Say "Fauci" or "DeSantis" and watch the waters part.

What I feel is that good ideas get dismissed because they come from someone we don't like. We would never choose to only use half our brain, but that's what happens when we dismiss useful ideas from people we just don't like.

News flash: You can agree with an idea without needing to agree with the person. What it takes is integration.

Here are three possibilities:

  1. Acknowledge the nuance and complexity. That multiple viewpoints are available.

  2. Accept the differences and looking for similarities.

  3. Make sense of the contradictions and where we may stand based on our values.

In other words, we can simplify or separate to avoid dealing with the thing. We can make all controversies seem like good versus evil. Or we can accept, reconcile and integrate. We can deal with the reality of the thing, not just the simplified version presented to us. But doing so requires sitting with discomfort and not jumping down each other's throats. We must understand that even in the most straightforward debates, there's more nuance underneath.