Handle With Care

Ross Gay in his work called A Book of Delights has an essay entitled “Tomato on Board” which begins:

“What you don’t know until you carry a tomato seedling through the airport and onto a plane is that carrying a tomato seedling through the airport and onto a plane will make people smile at you almost like you’re carrying a baby.”

Gay goes on to describe the flight attendant’s concern for the plant as well as that of fellow passengers. 

I can understand this.  I think there is something in all of us that appreciates tenderness and care- whether we see a father stooping to give something to a baby in a carriage, a playful grandparent on the carpet with a puppy or a teenager and her pony. 

To give care is to bring up—literally, to let surface—the love and compassion from within.  You can’t manufacture nor fake that kind of love.  It’s solid when it emanates from the truest place in you.

I remember in the 70s learning that some football players were receiving dance and tap lessons to learn to move better on the gridiron. 

What if we treated each other like vulnerable tomato seedlings?  What’s more- imagine if doing so allowed us to nurture and grow what has already been planted inside us?

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