Gotta Grow!

There's an azalea bush in our yard whose curiosity forced it to poke a flower through our fence. See both pictures below:

I want to think that even the most non-sensate person must find Spring beautiful, if not miraculous.

As a life coach (aka behavior redesigner), I find the beginnings of years and months to be perfect opportunities to try something new or break an old habit.

With Spring officially beginning tomorrow (March 20), why not try something new and different: change your online habits (for example, no negative social media posts for a week); begin a meditation practice for one month (just five minutes daily is a good start); go somewhere to watch the sunset (or peer at it through the window before you settle in for the evening); prepare a different meal this weekend; turn off the TV and pick up a magazine or book (read something that dazzles or challenges you); look to the night sky or a budding flower. Let Spring inspire you.

Speaking of inspiration, Alice just wrote and recorded a new guided meditation for Spring. You can listen to it here: