Flower Power

April in Tampa is when two (among many) plants shine! The amaryllis and the jasmine both produce beautiful flowers. The amaryllis comes from an underground bulb and its stalk can be nearly 3 feet before opening up in an array of 3 or 4 blooms that resemble the trumpet bells of Easter lilies.

The jasmine, which loves to climb and intertwine, is evergreen. Nearly every vine branch pushes out petite, fragrant flowers that attract pollinators galore.

While the amaryllis is tall and bold, withering and then shrinking back into the soil unseen, the jasmine is small but plentiful and, after shedding its petals, remains visible as a promise for next year.

Traits from both plants can be a source of inspiration for us. Nature is always such a good, patient teacher.

[Jasmine and Amaryllis from our garden]