Even A Half-Step

I've had a few clients through the years who were just stuck.

Didn't know where to go or what move to make. Unmotivated. In a job they hated, a relationship that was toxic, or with weight they needed to lose. You could see it in their eyes. They were trapped in a cycle and it was Groundhog day every day.

Perhaps you know people who are stuck in that rut: they're unhappy with their life and don’t know how to change; they've tried lots of "cures", but couldn’t muster the discipline to make them stick; they are "sick and tired of feeling sick and tired"; they KNOW they should get their stuff in gear and start improving their life, but somehow it all gets put off for that fanciful "another day."

Problems go away when you ignore them, right?  Not!

There is really only one way out of this rut of feeling trapped. It’s to take an action, no matter how small. You don’t need to fix everything in your life right now. You don’t even need to fix one thing.

You just need to take one tiny "half-step." How?

Jot down some ideas; make a wish list. Just try to meditate for 1 minute. Get outside and take a short walk. Get rid of some of your candy or cookies. Organize your desk. Cancel your Netflix subscription! Straighten up just ONE SECTION of your kitchen or garage... whatever depresses you each time you see it.

Don’t do all of these. Do one. Or half of one. It truly doesn't matter how tiny the step...and sometimes tiny is better. Tiny means easy, doable, quick and measurable.

As Leo Babauta writes:

Take that first step. Celebrate that first step. Love the step, not the destination. That step, even the motion of taking the first foot off the ground and moving it forward — that’s everything.
That’s the truth, and you’ll not read it in many self-help books: put every microparticle of your existence into that half step, and be nothing but that half step, and love it with all you have … and your life has changed.
With this half step, everything is different. You haven’t achieved any goals … but you’ve moved. You haven’t created something amazing … and yet, more than ever before, you have.
You’ve created beauty and joy and movement where none existed before, where previously only constriction and paralysis and confusion lived. You have changed the world.

The First Half-Step

So introduce one little half-step, tiny habit or mini ritual into your day or week.

Set it up and do it once... and then you have success. It's small, but it's done! You cannot walk another half-step without having achieved the first one, so consider yourself successful!

And then you'll walk another and another, because you've created the foundation, built on that FIRST HALF-STEP. Good for you. You won't change your entire life today or this weekend, but it's a beginning. You will be amazed at how much this matters.