eMotion Sickness

On this final Friday of July (how time flies when you're having fun), I want to share something that caught my coach's heart a few weeks ago.

As I was reading through helpful emails I receive for assisting clients on their journey, I came upon a phrase that was both clever and true: "emotional sickness". We all know what happens to some people who literally get sick to their stomach in a car or carnival ride known as motion sickness, "caused by a mismatch in the cues coming from your eyes, your vestibular (balance) system and the movement sensors in your brain."

But what is emotional sickness (coined by singer Phoebe Bridgers)?

Well, let's go back to the carnival example. When you are on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs that make you angry one day and awestruck another; elated then worried; fascinated then bored out of your mind; apoplectic one minute and grateful the next... you'll soon suffer from emotional sickness. And, similar to car sickness, you can get sick to the stomach.

So what to do when joy and jitters get to you in the same day, sometimes within the same hour? "Relax and release" as Michael Singer is fond of saying.

  • Relax. Watching your emotions can immediately help to distance them. You can even say to yourself, "I feel anger but I am NOT my anger." See yourself as if from across the room and say, "This will not last." You know this is true because you have a lifetime of experiences which back this up. What you are feeling will pass.

  • Release. Not to cling to your emotions--whether positive or negatives--keeps that space open for this moment now. Releasing allows you to unburden yourself from what never belonged to you in the first place: fleeting feelings which only drag you into regret or nostalgia... and keep you from living in the present.

Might I be so bold as to ask: what is your dominant emotional state? How (who) are you when you are not experiencing ups and downs? Where does your balance come from? When you can answer this question, you have your Dramamine for stabilizing your mind and enjoying the ride!