Don't Let Fear Be A Factor

Last month I wrote about planning for enjoyable moments in the future:

Think about it: When you have tickets in your hand for a concert or sports event, they’re merely pieces of cellulose wood pulp we call paper, but they give us access to tremendous joy. A small metallic key is not the car but it literally opens the door to our “wheels.” A ring in a felt box means nothing without the love and commitment signified by the giver’s smile and bended knee. You get the idea.

You can read the entire blog here:

On the opposite end of the mood spectrum is feeling anxiety or fear now. Think of stage fright which typically occurs BEFORE the curtains open or the spotlight is on you. People who have a fear of heights know they're probably not going to fall off the cliff...but the POSSIBILITY of it happening makes their palms moist and legs limp.

We allow negative, future possibilities to hijack our present peace. As Ryan Holiday asks, "Why are you borrowing unhappiness? Why would you be miserable now just because you might be in the future?"

This doesn't mean not to prepare or plan. However, if you look for negative things to happen, many times you'll find them. But when you anticipate finding something amazing, you'll be amazed at how right you are more times than not!