Dog-gone it!

We are all familiar with the insistence by medical experts to discipline our body with proper diet, adequate sleep and enough exercise to move our muscles, especially the one in the chest that makes the blood flow. 💗

But what about training your mind? A little more difficult, isn't it? It takes time, practice, consistency. The good news is that the more you practice the better it gets.

There's an image most of us are familiar with about the dog that gets easily distracted by spotting a squirrel. In our neighborhood, we have a doberman whose owner has to reign her in when she sees a lizard.

We can be like that sometimes. Overthinking can be disastrous and exhausting at times. Like chasing our tail.... Catch yourself and then invite yourself to stay in the moment-- even if it's not a great moment!-- to feel, hear or taste what is going on without feeling the need to chase:

  • Your brain needs time to recharge. Instead of doing nothing, find an activity that's restorative. Reading, gardening or doing a jigsaw puzzle. Whatever works for you.

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from digital distractions? Schedule periods of technology-free time.

  • It's crucial that we give ourselves time to replenish. Take a nap or head to bed earlier than usual.

  • Accepting what you can't control and letting go takes practice and patience. Remember: whatever works for you!

Daniel found this short (2 1/2 minute) video on mindfulness that might be very helpful: