Create Connections

I saw a Ted talk the other day that made me marvel at how two people can go through similar experiences and come out with different interpretations. The video (you can view it below) was of 99-year Eddie Jaku who describes himself as the "happiest man on earth" (he's now 101). Quite a boast considering he was sent to Auschwitz, lost most of his family and saw death too often throughout World War II. But, because he managed to survive, he made a vow to smile every day.

I don't believe in luck, but what I know for sure (as I've experienced countless times in my own life) is that when you look for what you need, you begin to see possibilities, probabilities, solutions and successes. If it's not the exact thing you need, it will eventually help you get to what you need. Connections happen; people appear; assistance is provided.

Don't take my word for it Read this quote from David Hoffman, longtime film director: "It seems to me that when I have a positive view towards anything, a positive result will more likely occur. Now being 79 years old and living a life that 99% of the time was spectacular, I've proven my theory over and over again."

I want to be clear. I don't believe in the Power of Attraction so much as the power of positivity. If you want to be mad and mean, angry and agitated, you'll find lots of ways and reasons to remain that way. Remember that if you are a hammer, you're often looking for a nail to hit.

But when your lens changes (see Alice's Daily Dose post from Monday here), what seems magical happens and life just aligns to give you what you need... and sometimes you are given exactly what you want, too! 😀