Correct Me If I'm Wrong

Being Right. I'm not talking about political correctness or all the noise surrounding the so-called "cancel culture." Let's leave out "big lie" concerns or deep fake videos. I want to say that being right as I want to talk about it is not wanting to impress, look smarter or be seen as better informed.

I mean the sincere desire to be correct, accurate and factual. For the sake of truth. For no other reason than to be undergirded by what is authentic and real.

There is no shame in being proven wrong, unless the ego feels the pinch. Who cares where the idea first came from- accept it if it's true. Wouldn't you rather change your mind than hold on to an error, incorrect conclusion or biased opinion based on mere sentiment? Don't suspend good judgment or fail to do appropriate investigation. But do change your opinion if you're wrong.

In some circles, the terms for changing one's mind are "pivot", "evolve" or "upgrade thinking." It doesn't matter what you call it (and some may accuse you of flip-flopping), the important thing is that you are trying to be right, correct your course, steer with a better map. Who doesn't want that?

If truth is more important to me than opining or speaking from the gut then I will find it easier to listen to and maybe even accept a controversial view.

Let's not care so much about WHO is right; let's prize the truth and make it a value to get things right.