Not too long ago, one of my daily emails included a link to a beautiful, soothing, peace-evoking song sung virtually by 17,572 singers from 129 countries performing Eric Whitacre's "Sing Gently". One comment about this song and its production struck me as true and hopeful:

In quantum physics, there is such a thing as coherence. Coherence is when a group of drummers is playing in rhythm at the same time. If one was out of tune, it wouldn't sound nice. You are in fact a body of energy. Either living as a coherent being, in tune. Or incoherently, out of tune and rhythm. You can move into rhythm by opening your focus to the space around you and moving into a state of love. Just like these singers, singing from their hearts. And them all coming together as one to make a beautiful symphony. Imagine if all lived with love in their hearts at the same time. What World would we live in? What World would you live in? Live in love. (posted by George Firth)

It's not difficult to recognize the incoherence in life- inconsistencies in loved ones, inaccuracies in the news, impatience in ourselves, inappropriate behavior in leaders, inertia in our flagging efforts, injustices, inequalities, indignities... you get the idea. Perhaps this is when we need most to be reminded of the best that it's in us and hear the harmony and mellifluous coherence of our joint humanity.

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