Christmas Eve(r after)

A picture. A souvenir. A postcard. A bumper sticker.

How often, when we visit a place we love, do we try and "bring it back" home?

An app on my phone reminds me of photo memories from 5 years ago. Good for nostalgia, but can any of the above help us re-present (literally, make present again) the feelings?

The other day, Alice and I heard Perry Como sing this song, That Christmas Feeling:

When the days of December are numbered
And the earth begs it's snowflakes to fall
That's the time of the year that Christmas is here
With peace and goodwill for all
How I love that Christmas feelin'
How I treasure it's friendly glow
See the way a stranger greets you
Just as though you'd met him Christmas's ago!

Christmas helps you to remember
To do what other folks hold dear
What a blessed place the world would be
If we had the Christmas feelin' all year!

Is it unrealistic? Can we sustain this kind of holiday happiness and peace "all year"?

Perhaps the more important question is, What’s better: trying and failing or not trying at all?

From our home to yours, we wish you peace and goodwill- that you may treasure these moments and try as best you can to re-present them in the new year.