I know. It's a corny title. Anyone who knows me understands that I like to play with words....and, okay, am a bit corny.

So it's Tuesday (if you're reading this on July 21st) and yet every day is "chooseday"- meaning, we have the choice how we are going to frame this day. To be clear: we don't choose much of what comes our way, but we can guide how we handle receive it. That's the "framing" part of our choice-making today and everyday.

For example, why is it that some people don't get upset with other drivers or insulting Facebook posts or that the store is still out of Clorox wipes? Is it because they were endowed with more patience or that they don't care? No, you see these folks have learned the life lesson of knowing what things can be controlled and what can't.

Think about it: why would you ever want to cede your power and--more importantly--your peace over to someone else? And yet, isn't that what happens when we get upset by what someone else has done or said or didn't do or say?

Let today be your chooseday: YOU be the one to select your emotions and actions (and reactions). Resist letting someone else steal what ultimately is your inalienable right to freedom. You do not need to have your emotions hijacked by someone else's dangerous driving or temperamental tweets.

As spiritual writer Eknath Easwaran writes:

As human beings, we have been born with the capacity to make choices. No other creature has this capacity, and no human being can avoid this responsibility. Every day, whether we see it or not, we have a choice of two alternatives in what we do, say, and think.

These alternatives are: what is pleasant and what is beneficial. The first pleases us now. The second may be unpleasant at the beginning, as anyone who has begun a physical fitness program knows; but it will improve our health and contribute to our peace of mind.

Both choices promise satisfaction. One we get immediately, but it comes and goes; the other requires effort, but its benefits stay with us and often benefit those around us as well.

Have a good chooseday!