Beyond Boundaries

I'm working on some material that I'll be sharing in January (speaking of which, if you've not done so already, sign up for next month's zoominar on August 12th entitled "Healthy Mind, Balanced Life"). What I know in myself is that many times I limit myself mentally because I've confined my thinking to a narrow perspective.

For example, many of you might be familiar with the (true?) story of the truck that got stuck at the entrance of one of NYC's tunnels. It was too tall and it jammed in fairly well. Reversing the engine was not working. Workers were about to call in big equipment when some boy--who had gotten out of the car since traffic had stopped--suggested letting air out of the tires. It worked and I'm sure some grown-ups' egos were deflated like innertubes.

In some self-help programs, they quote Einstein's definition of insanity: "To do the same thing over and over expecting different results."

What is it today...this week that you might look at differently? Maybe it's a person you might regard anew (with more patience, understanding or compassion)? Imagine this: seeing something from a different vantage can change the way we view it! Who doesn't want that. Then boundaries become smaller and options more abundant.