Attention: Intention!

Growing up one of seven kids, quarrels could easily be followed by shoving and hitting. Often, when asked by Mom or Dad to explain the situation, a frequent conclusion was: "...but I didn't mean to." The logical deduction: "Look, despite what happened, slugging my sister was not my original intention."

Intention is such a powerful tool. Without it, we are aimless and subject to what others want or even settle for doing what others do. With it, our energy gets directed, we can focus on priorities and are able to consciously target what needs to be done.

Setting an intention helps us to live our lives the way we want to live them. It's not an expectation that things will go smoothly or perfectly, but simply a setting of purpose. Having an intention is tantamount to giving meaning to the next moment or what happens today or--and I'm not exaggerating--for the rest of our lives.

So, what's a realistic intention for you right now or this week: empty out the email box (respond or delete); organize your receipts in advance of April 15; set a menu for Super Bowl Sunday; get some cleaning done inside or out.

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