Are you In or Out?

When I was 19, I went to a college graduation of friends of mine. In a crowd of perhaps 600, I knew barely 20 people and at the luncheon afterward I needed to "escape." It was the first time in my life that I realized I was an introvert.

That might sound funny and unlikely for someone who is comfortable with public speaking (I've given conferences and talks on four continents) and zoominars; but the truth is that to "recharge my batteries", I need to step AWAY from the crowd. For extroverts, typically it's the opposite- they go TO parties and bars in order to get energized.

With our country almost fully "opened up" in most places, it must be quite a breath of fresh air to many, especially extroverts.

There is another category on the personality spectrum and it's called ambiversion- someone who is between introversion and extroversion. Where are you in the chart below?

No matter what "vert" you are, just like belly buttons--outies and innies--there is no better one. However you orient yourself, the important thing is to know what zaps or renews your strength.

For more information about all this, visit The Personality Spectrum. In this article, you'll find good resources such as books and videos.

As always, if you ever need a coach or companion to accompany you on this wonderful but sometimes confusing journey of knowing yourself better, or just someone to listen to you, let Alice or me know. We would love to help you.